Three Plus Years

It has been three plus years since I have posted.  You know how many things can happen in three years?  You guessed it – a lot!

I took care of a baby for four months at the end of 2018.  She was two days old when I took her in.  Her mother was not in a place to raise her.  This baby is now adopted into a wonderful family with two other adopted children.  Their parents love the Lord.  God did many amazing things during that time.  Even the way He told me to take care of the child was amazing.  I wrote some of the stories down in my journal but they are very recent so I still remember them (mostly).  Maybe this one post will spur me to write more about God’s handiwork in this small story in God’s great story.

God healed me of my depression at the end of 2019.  That is another amazing story that I attempted to document over the past few months.  A life without depression is a completely different life.  The Adversary wants to pull me back into my old ways and he has been close but God has continued to protect me.  This could be another arc I can write about if I am able to blog again.

I have gained new family through Cornerstone church.  That would be a good arc too!  So many God things to write about.

My daughter just graduated high school ranked #3 and got a full ride to Lamar University.

My son is currently ranked #1 in his class and going into his junior year.

I am going to hit publish now and then maybe I can do this again in a day or two.

Wavy Quiff

Fashion.  I do not really understand fashion.  Many people over the years have told me to get my hair did.  It always seems like a hassle.  You have to get these things called “products” and then from what I understand you apply it to your hair.

So I learned a new word today – quiff.  It has something to do with a style of hair.  Hair styles have names?  It seems it is how it stands up in the front.  Really, I had no idea.

And this is not the first Christmas where Geek Chic was mentioned to me.  Clothes.  I’m sure the world could get by with a bland colored jumpsuit.  It would make life a lot easier.

How do we survive?

If You Want To…

Last year I made a pretty big list of “If you want tos”.  I created action steps for moving towards accomplishing these want tos.  I have even taken a few of those steps.  Now how much do I really want to do any of them?  We shall find out soon enough.

Narrow Means Everyone

It is interesting to me that narrow means everyone.

But the gate is narrow and the way is difficult that leads to life, and there are few who find it. –Matthew 7:14

I’m not sure why that definition of narrow is so rampant when it isn’t even true.

narrow – limited in extent, amount, or scope; restricted.

Of course people do not like truth do we?

Just Want To Forget

Some times I just want to forget.  Even if it were only for a few moments.  I believe we all deal with this problem.  I could continue on backwards in time for quite some time.  Each memory making me more disgusted.

This mother came to see her children tonight.  She had a new tattoo.  She left early Saturday because she was sick and then dropped $100 on this tattoo after she left.  I just want to forget that there are people like this out there.  Spending money on a tattoo is not bad but she struggles with the basic necessities because of waste like this.  Twice her gas has been cut off.  There have been two times that I know about where there was no toilet paper in the house (multiple days in a row).  She goes without her medication because she “has no money”.

It is difficult to comprehend and this is just one person of many that I personally know.  We won’t even go into the billions I do not know.  Oversight is one thing but this is just blatant irresponsibility.

I do not even know how to pray for this one but I do.

Greek Died…

I was trying to listen to my Greek lesson in the car today.  I could not grasp anything.  Words I used to know are no longer there.  My mind is occupied with too many other things.  This activity used to give me a bit of peace but I guess that is gone for a bit.  I am sure I will find peace in my mind again soon.

Words Mean Things

I know we are all guilty of this but the last few weeks this has been quite aggravating.  I’ll say one thing and the person will “repeat” what I say and it is nothing like what I say.

“I don’t want to date someone who doesn’t want to get married.”  becomes “Unless you declare your undying love for me the second you meet me and agree to marry me and have thousands of children without really knowing me I don’t want to even try.”  *sigh*  Yes that is basically what they made those words mean.

This is seriously ridiculous.  Wanting to date someone who actually wants to get married is acceptable.  No one said they had to get married to me.  This is something you find out while dating someone.

“There are lots of good ideas.” becomes “So it is a bad idea.  You don’t like it.”  *sigh*

I do not know if your specific idea is good or bad.  I have not had enough time to evaluate the suggestion.  Don’t rush me.  Let me think through the pros and cons.  This isn’t a critical decision that has to be made immediately so it will be OK if we think about it for a bit.

If I wanted you to guess what I was thinking then I probably wouldn’t speak to you at all.  Then you could tell me that I was stuck up and anything else you wanted because my words don’t exist so you have nothing to base your judgment on except your wild imagination.

I could pick dozens of more instances of this.  Could we all (me included) listen to the words people speak?

2015 Goal Setting

Well nothing like a Saturday to begin goal setting for 2015?  As if I would only be just beginning to set goals at the end of November for the following year.

I reviewed my 2014 goals which included a section for 2015 and 2016 goals and I am at least a little satisfied with the success.  Not perfect but generally there was progress made.

Over the past few months I have been modifying my short term goals (which I’ll quantify as the next two years).  Over the summer I had to break out each month for the following two years and set targets for those months in XMind (the mind mapping software I use).  It was easier to see this way.  No, it is not ideal for my mind but it was the best I could do given the software I am familiar with.  I guess this means that I should go ahead and add 2017 into the mix?

I have also been thinking about longer term goals (which I will quantify as five to ten years).  This is much more difficult for me to get a handle on so I have always kept these goals a bit broader.  Knowing I have goals out that far is good but leaving them more fluid helps me manage everything (OK at least my mind) better.

Organized thoughts.  Organized patterns.  Using math to predict the future!  OK well you know…

Too Messed Up For Trust

Well two days ago it was a song that gave me my title.  Yesterday I just found it amusing.  Today I made it a pattern.

This morning I was reading Psalm 78.

Despite all this, they continued to sin,
and did not trust him to do amazing things.

Psalm 78:32

That still sounds like us today.  And the consequence in 33…