About Me

I was born in Nacogdoches, Texas and have lived all over Texas until I went to Lamar University – Beaumont in 1994. I graduated from Lamar University in 1999 with a BBA in Management Information Systems and a BS in Computer Science.   I married Kara Coussou in June 2000.  We opened up a business together (Juxtapose).  We had two children together who I am very proud of – Kristen and Blaine Baker.  Then Kara and I got divorced in January 2011.  God used the divorce to save me.  By grace He saved me…

I began writing a weekly email and sharing stories and things God was doing in my life with my class at church.  Eventually I decided I should write a book, with a little bit of encouragement from some people.  As I have been writing for my book, I decided I needed to restart my blog also.  I’m not sure if I will actually write a book but it will be fun putting things on paper (or in the computer).

My old blog is still available here if you are interested.  And my really old blog is available here.  I pray God uses what I write for His glory.