Yellow Daffodil Rising

This morning was different.  The new business I am opening (Wreck It Room) was on the news.  James Ware came and did three live shots.  I was there but not on camera.  I had several people tell me that as soon as James destroyed a few things and turned to the camera, you could see the fun he was having.

I think the business is good and people will enjoy destroying things to relieve stress.  Or maybe even just for fun.

It was a long morning waiting for each spot.  I got to leave and fix a server.  My client’s server would not turn on and I had a T110 power supply in my office.  I think God gave me an extra T110 server a few months back for this specific purpose.  I am thankful that God does this.

There was more work to be done and then I tried to take a walk since I had missed it at my normal 5:30am time due to the TV crew coming.  Instead I got an invite to lunch which I accepted.  I had not seen this person for a few months so it was good.  Back to work.  A quick bank run.  More work.

Genesis 17 with Ericka.  We have been having short and long discussions over the Bible.  We had completed several shorter books and decided to tackle this one.

On my way back to Wreck It Room, I was told about a message on Facebook from someone.  I found out later that they had 90 (ninety) TVs for us.  That is crazy.  We have not even had our first customer yet.  The customers will come.  At least that is what I have been told.

Thankfully I get to leave Wreck It Room early.  I get to my driveway and what have my neighbors put to the street?  Another TV.  I often wonder why God does that for me.  It is such a blessing.  I read just a few days ago in Psalm 146 – how blessed is the man whose helper is the God of Jacob.  How blessed indeed.  I often wonder if there is anyone as blessed as me.  God is just so good to me.

I suppose I should retire.  I guess I’ll do that directly.

Venting To Emptiness

One thing that I dislike about being alone is having no one to confide in.  A wife would ideally listen to me complain about work or other stress in my life and I would have little to no concern of  it becoming gossip.  I cannot confide in married men.  I cannot confide in married women.  I cannot confide in anyone single.  So I have to confide in God and God alone.

It is probably a lesson I need to learn.  It is very lonely.

If you do not know, I am evil.  I wake up in the morning devising plans to steal money from people.  I work on ways to steal homes from widows forcing them to live on the streets while simultaneously taking food from starving orphans.  The devil himself comes to me for ideas on evil things to do.

I believe every one I know is a complete idiot and a waste of resources.  And I am blessed that they prove me right every single day.  They remember almost nothing and deem my life worthless so I deem them equally as worthless, maybe more.  I have no use for them because I am the smartest and most pious person on the planet.  I never falter in any plan.  I have no need for you.

Interestingly enough things of this world drag me down.  I repeat the mantra that nothing in this world matters (as a matter of exercise – people do matter).  It does not work as I expect.

God is with me.  Please protect me Lord.

The Droid App

I developed an app for the Droid once.  I published it December 10, 2013.  It was a minimal amount of learning because I just had to recreate someone else’s code.  I started the afternoon of the 9th and it was working that day in the emulator.

Anyway, I tried a few times to develop something with Blaine but we never thought of anything.  We recently published one that was part of the sample code they give you with Android Studio but we have not thought of anything new to do together since then  Plus it is difficult when you trade weekends and do not have your kids three weekends in a row – that’s just how weekend trading works.

With that much free time, I decided I should just sit around and think.  I brainstormed on new businesses to open.  I actually cleaned up my business mind map and developed two solid ideas.  Since then I have worked on integrating one of those ideas into a department of Jux.  The other idea really could be a good side business but my informal projections indicate that the market segment is to small in the Golden Triangle.

One of the many other things I thought during that weekend was app development.  I started developing a new app just for fun.  I do not know if it will be used but I get to learn something which is going to be good.  The bonus is that it is for someone else and I told them so it gives me motivation to work on it and complete it in a timely fashion.  I found that doing something like this for myself sometimes leads to project abandonment.

Now I should brainstorm on future projects of similar fashion.

How Can I Grow Today?

I was reading an article and it talked about one of the most important questions you should ask yourself every day: How can I grow today?

I cannot say I like this question.  Nor can I say I hate it.  What I do know is I am not satisfied with life at the moment.  I feel like I am coasting.  Life is boring.  I want to be challenged.  Yet fear keeps me from challenging myself.  Fear!

This feeling has been growing in me for quite some time.  I try to suppress it but it only works for a bit before I start shaking my hand.  I have wondered what I could do.  Do I need to find another ministry or start one?  Do I need to start another company?  What am I supposed to do?  Where am I supposed to go?  How am I supposed to get there?

I do not want to coast.  Complacency is not an option yet it feels like it is consuming me.


New Jux Logo

Well I met with a guy this morning and the logo he showed me was amazing.  We are nerding out.  I wish I had a copy to share.  He should be sending me one soon – very exciting!