You Were Darkness

I have an unpublished post titled “Words of Darkness” that I began and have not been able to complete.  It is 212 words so I could probably post it as is but there is no completeness to it.  I have the words of darkness.

As I read Ephesians yesterday morning, I got to chapter five and realized how verse eight had been opened up to me months ago.

for you were at one time darkness, but now you are light in the Lord

If Christ has not saved you then you are darkness now.  When I was darkness, I did not feel like I was darkness.  But now I am light in the Lord.  I am not light out of the Lord because without Him I am darkness still.  But with Him…

There is no good apart from Him.  I am quite cognizant of this.  Aware of my total depravity.  Trying to hold on to the knowledge that I am holy in his sight.  It is not an easy thing to hold on to.

I have a new project I started yesterday.  I like this project but it seems like a difficult one to complete.  I decided to begin it and thus try to complete it.  If I give the project a probability of success, does that mean I am dooming it to failure?  It seems so.

Normally God gives me the designation for my years in October.  This year of prayer has been a learning experience.  One I will continue forever.  I have been trying to decide if I thought it was a successful year.  It does not feel successful but I do not think this can be determined without reflection from a future point in time.

But what about next year?  I think it may be the year of God’s Word.  We shall see.