You Must Not Refuse

Turn the blind eye…I am very good at doing this.  Always going back to selfishness.

You shall do the same to his donkey, his clothes, or anything else your neighbor has lost and you have found; you must not refuse to get involved.  –Deuteronomy 22:3

All our minds work differently, so I am excused right?  I think about the parable of the good Samaritan.  The first two people saw the person in need and kept on walking.  Are we any more excused if we do not see the person or their need?

First of course we should think about the 2+ billion people in China and India, many of whom will die never hearing the name of Jesus.  We will never see them but given our global society how much does their blood rest in our hands?

Do people’s souls matter more the closer they come into our lives?  I know I have asked this question many times and probably in different ways but the question is legitimate – what is the value difference in a soul here verses there?  In my particular context, Port Arthur seems to be just as far away as China to most people, including me, while it is only 20 minutes away or less.

Do I really care?