You Have Departed

I have been fighting apathy and a host of other things for an amount of time I’d rather not admit to. I stare off into space wondering what God is doing in my life. I have felt distant from Him. Sometimes when I get like this I want to leave America because it seems impossible to be a Christian in this culture (running away from problems is good because they don’t follow you). I continually waste time and money that should be spent on the advancement of God’s kingdom. Last week I watched a sermon and it was like a little spark challenging me to remember the lost all around me and around the world. God actually reminded me of Revelation 2:4 – you have departed from your first love.

Remembering my first love. As I meditated on this verse over a few days this passion for God’s glory to be made known in all nations, tribes, peoples, and languages began to return. I also noticed it was different. Anyway, I suppose it is never a bad time to reflect on our first love.