You Caused Us To

I remember telling someone many months back that God gave me my depression.  They told me they did not believe that.  I did not really want to argue with them because their perception is different but I know He does.  The “thorn in my side” verse has been prevalent lately.  And I thought that depression might be mine, which I believe I have mentioned here before.

This morning Psalm 66:11

You led us into a trap; you caused us to suffer.  (NET)

You brought us into the net; you laid a crushing burden on our backs;  (ESV)

I like both translations for the word selection.  The word “suffer” in the NET has this connotation in my life but the word “crushing” in the ESV is also very powerful.  If it had said crushing burden on our chest then I would have related even more because that is where it feels most heavy.

God did this work.  He is sovereign.

Last night the burden was light.  Of course I was distracting my mind as best I could to avoid thinking.  This morning isn’t bad and so we pray God opens His word and shows us His gifts.

This morning I remembered something that I need to remember more often.  God gives us the love we need and not always the love we want.  Now I can receive the love He gives or reject it.  It is much better to receive love – no doubt – but so often we reject it.  Today we take steps to receive.