Yet I Am Not Alone

I woke up from a hard sleep.  The alarm beep, beep, beeping.  I do not know how many times I repeated “Lord, give me strength to get through this day.” before getting out of bed.  I continued saying it to the bathroom, as I started the shower, as I walked to the kitchen to start the coffee, on my return journey to the bathroom, and while I showered.  Some mornings that is all I have – nothing else.

After my shower, I sat down to read.  I had read John 15 the previous morning but I read it again.  It was one of those mornings where I wasn’t sure I had actually read it the previous day.  It was all so new and I remembered very little from the previous day.  My notes indicate I read so why do I not remember?

In John 15 and 16, Jesus says we will get anything we ask for in His name.  I want to say it is stated three times in those two chapters but I could be mistaken.  So I asked.

At the end of John 16:32, Jesus says “Yet I am not alone, because my Father is with me.”

He answered.  We do not always get the answer we want.  And I’m never sure why He answers some so quickly and others less so but He is God and I am not.

So I find myself again alone with God and God alone.  It probably makes me stronger by making me more reliant on Him.  For when I am weak then I am strong.  I do not feel strong, only desperate.  Yet I am not alone, because my Father is with me.