Yellow Daffodil Rising

This morning was different.  The new business I am opening (Wreck It Room) was on the news.  James Ware came and did three live shots.  I was there but not on camera.  I had several people tell me that as soon as James destroyed a few things and turned to the camera, you could see the fun he was having.

I think the business is good and people will enjoy destroying things to relieve stress.  Or maybe even just for fun.

It was a long morning waiting for each spot.  I got to leave and fix a server.  My client’s server would not turn on and I had a T110 power supply in my office.  I think God gave me an extra T110 server a few months back for this specific purpose.  I am thankful that God does this.

There was more work to be done and then I tried to take a walk since I had missed it at my normal 5:30am time due to the TV crew coming.  Instead I got an invite to lunch which I accepted.  I had not seen this person for a few months so it was good.  Back to work.  A quick bank run.  More work.

Genesis 17 with Ericka.  We have been having short and long discussions over the Bible.  We had completed several shorter books and decided to tackle this one.

On my way back to Wreck It Room, I was told about a message on Facebook from someone.  I found out later that they had 90 (ninety) TVs for us.  That is crazy.  We have not even had our first customer yet.  The customers will come.  At least that is what I have been told.

Thankfully I get to leave Wreck It Room early.  I get to my driveway and what have my neighbors put to the street?  Another TV.  I often wonder why God does that for me.  It is such a blessing.  I read just a few days ago in Psalm 146 – how blessed is the man whose helper is the God of Jacob.  How blessed indeed.  I often wonder if there is anyone as blessed as me.  God is just so good to me.

I suppose I should retire.  I guess I’ll do that directly.