Words Per Day

Recently Blaine was working on a book report that he didn’t really want to do.  He had to make a movie poster for the book as if it were a movie.  Yes, it is all very complicated I can say.  He began by showing me the project and describing in ridiculous detail what he was doing or going to do next.  Then he would work for a few minutes and show me his progress and repeat the process.

After a few times he realized I had not signed his red folder and so he got it out and went through it with me again in great detail describing more than he has ever described.  He eventually said he should stop talking and get back to his book report project.  I joked with him that he spoke more words to me that night than the rest of his life combined.

The next morning on the way to school we joked about it again and I shared how I told someone at church a few years ago that I was saving my words so I could use them later.  Oddly I got an email from Jason that basically said the same thing – he had a theory that we only had so many words per day and we had to borrow from the future or save them up.

I do not like it when I cannot get words out on paper, here, or even verbally.  I feel trapped or worse dead.  Sometimes there are no words for things so we get to save those words for another day.  I’m curious if Jason will post something about this before this scheduled post goes live.  Maybe.  Maybe not.