Words Mean Things

I know we are all guilty of this but the last few weeks this has been quite aggravating.  I’ll say one thing and the person will “repeat” what I say and it is nothing like what I say.

“I don’t want to date someone who doesn’t want to get married.”  becomes “Unless you declare your undying love for me the second you meet me and agree to marry me and have thousands of children without really knowing me I don’t want to even try.”  *sigh*  Yes that is basically what they made those words mean.

This is seriously ridiculous.  Wanting to date someone who actually wants to get married is acceptable.  No one said they had to get married to me.  This is something you find out while dating someone.

“There are lots of good ideas.” becomes “So it is a bad idea.  You don’t like it.”  *sigh*

I do not know if your specific idea is good or bad.  I have not had enough time to evaluate the suggestion.  Don’t rush me.  Let me think through the pros and cons.  This isn’t a critical decision that has to be made immediately so it will be OK if we think about it for a bit.

If I wanted you to guess what I was thinking then I probably wouldn’t speak to you at all.  Then you could tell me that I was stuck up and anything else you wanted because my words don’t exist so you have nothing to base your judgment on except your wild imagination.

I could pick dozens of more instances of this.  Could we all (me included) listen to the words people speak?