Without Data

I watched a movie recently called Frequencies.  It was a good movie and free with my Amazon Prime.

The girl was a high frequency and the boy was low frequency which meant the world always did what it could to give her what she wanted while nothing went right for him.  It also meant that they could not be together longer than 60 seconds in a year.  During one of their meetings she said something that was interesting.

I don’t feel.  No one wants to understand.  I know what they call me – the machine.  And they’re right.  I do not love my family.  I experience no joy.  If you ever see me smile, frown, laugh or cry, I’m pretending.  Waiting for it to become real but it never will.  It’s the side effect.

He had told her that he loved her.  She told him she was only conducting experiments, collecting data.  A few days before this movie I was driving somewhere pondering some thoughts and determined “without data, projections cannot be made”.  The point of this was that if I did not collect data then I would not be able to make projections and thus would not resign myself to things that have a high probability of occurring.  There are obviously a lot more possibilities that exist to easing pain without data but I wanted to focus on the projections.

How does one not collect data?  I thought not being on Facebook as much would help but then the data is acquired from other avenues.  There are always streams of data being sent, collected, and processed.  The mind uses all this to create the reality we exist in.  What else can it do with the information it receives?  It is all very interesting to think about.

And the idea of not collecting data has also contributed to my recent desire to isolate myself.  If I’m isolated then I will not acquire data from other people.  I go through phases where I strongly desire to be away from everyone and not interact with them at all (ever).  This of course is bad and I can recognize the thought pattern sometimes.  When I recognize it, I am usually able to change the pattern which I think must be good.

I enjoyed the movie because I was able to relate to the characters, mainly the machine.