Where I Sent You As Exiles

Yesterday did not turn out as bad as I had felt it might.  The morning was rough.  I lost control a few times.  Regained myself before working hours began.  I almost lost it during the noon counseling session with a couple but was able to recover before they noticed.  I tried to pray that afternoon but I think I fell asleep for 30 minutes.  Last night’s session wasn’t too bad.

I read a bit more of the “Don’t Follow Your Heart” book last night and this morning.  It has been very good for me.  Throw in Psalm 55 – Cast your burden on God, Trust in the Lord.  I asked myself if this is really a lack of trust.  It does not feel like it.  I feel like I trust Him with everything.  One thing I read in the book was about Job – the Lord gives and the Lord takes away.  It was a good.  It also talked about God takes away both sinful and righteous affections of our hearts.

I am looking forward to lunch today.  I get to give a book to the possible atheist/agnostic.  I have been waiting for God to provide an opportunity.  It is not a heavy book.  I think it is probably the perfect book for this situation.  I am thankful for the ability to read and remember books that could benefit people.  I am thankful to be able to afford to give books away and that God may even use them to draw people to Him.

Work to see that the city where I sent you as exiles enjoys peace and prosperity. Pray to the LORD for it. For as it prospers you will prosper.  –Jeremiah 29:7

This morning in Jeremiah, I read about the exiles.  I remember how we are exiles too.  I would say this really works well for our needs now.  We still find wives for our sons and husbands for our daughters.  We still work so that where we are prospers.  So that people flourish (yes, I really love that word).

I have two note cards I made a few weeks back.  One says “How can I help you flourish?” and the other says “Who can I help flourish?”.  I do not answer that as often as I should.  I went through most (all?) of my note cards from the past few years yesterday.  That was interesting.  I pulled out two as reminders.

Today, I do not want to lie to myself to achieve joy and peace in my spirit.