Where Do I Run?

I read an article yesterday that resonated with me because even though I do not like to admit it, I live in a “what if” world. What if people reject me? What if I am a failure? Is God enough? Is His strength and protection enough when people reject me or when I fail? Will He be the one I run to for safety when I am in trouble? If I am honest, the “what if” world is difficult to escape from. What if people reject me? I protect myself by hating myself more than others can. When I hate myself, your rejection doesn’t hurt me as bad. I fall into this trap very easily What if I am a failure? I work really hard so that failure is not an option. Another beautiful trap.

Jeremiah 16:19 – Then I said, “LORD, you give me strength and protect me. You are the one I can run to for safety when I am in trouble.”

If I move into the “even if” world, then I see God truly is enough. Even if you reject me, God does not reject me. He loves me. Even if I fail, God does not fail in me. He uses me to accomplish His goals, for His glory. Where will I run to for strength, protection, and safety? Will I run to Him? Who else can we run to?