What Kind Of Excellence?

This weekend a conversation revolved around what we give God. I know many who seem upset to give 10% of their money back to God.  That is just based upon personal interaction with people. Even more I know people unwilling to give 10% of their time back to God. And when we do give our time, we half-ass it because God only deserves 50% of my effort (or less).

Speaking of effort, what would you say your effort is at work?  What do you give your employer when you are being paid to produce?  And what about the effort in raising your kids?  The only thing that I can think of that you give 100% to is pleasing yourselves.

We all need to answer these types of questions honestly.  Are we giving our all to glorify God in the things we do?

What would it take to change our hearts so that wherever we are, we are giving our all to God?  Shouldn’t we be striving for excellence in our work so that God will be glorified?  Serving our employers well because we are really serving the God who deserves all the glory.  Shouldn’t we raise our children in such a way that God’s glory shines not just through our children but through us because we are striving for excellence?  And when we are actually in a more direct service to Him through the church should it not be even more so with our desire for excellence?

Trying to fight for this kind of service in my life is difficult.  One thing I have been trying to do the last several months is be 1% better in everything I do.  I read an article about a bicyclist who wanted everything to be 1% better and he was talking about everything – sleeping, pillows, shoes, exercise, etc.  If everything improves just 1% then the overall gain we see is huge.  This guy went on to win the Tour de France.  Now I have felt significant gains in my life since starting this process.  I have also felt as if I was wasting even more of my life but I push on and challenge you to do the same.  Let us start with serving the God who make the heavens and earth at least 1% better today – whether in your vocation, raising your kids, or volunteering.  Together our combined improvement will be great gain for God.