What Concern Is That

Yesterday I read a post about the new “alternative lifestyle” people are living.  Is the Christian lifestyle really becoming an alternative lifestyle? Are Christians supposed to be peculiar people?  Do the Christians you know stand out as different from the world?

I emailed Kristi directly just to share that her post had really hit me hard and my mind was buzzing with ideas from what she wrote.  Feeling that other Christians reject you because you are a weirdo was either the top of the list or very near to it.  Then this morning as I was studying, I read John 21.

John 21:22 – Jesus replied, “If I want him to live until I come back, what concern is that of yours? You follow me!”

When I saw the words “What concern is that of yours?”, the first thing that came to mind was yesterday’s email.  Why is that a concern to me?  It does not matter what the world says nor does it matter if other Christians reject me**.  My responsibility is to follow Him.

** Note: I realize there are caveats to this statement.