Venting To Emptiness

One thing that I dislike about being alone is having no one to confide in.  A wife would ideally listen to me complain about work or other stress in my life and I would have little to no concern of  it becoming gossip.  I cannot confide in married men.  I cannot confide in married women.  I cannot confide in anyone single.  So I have to confide in God and God alone.

It is probably a lesson I need to learn.  It is very lonely.

If you do not know, I am evil.  I wake up in the morning devising plans to steal money from people.  I work on ways to steal homes from widows forcing them to live on the streets while simultaneously taking food from starving orphans.  The devil himself comes to me for ideas on evil things to do.

I believe every one I know is a complete idiot and a waste of resources.  And I am blessed that they prove me right every single day.  They remember almost nothing and deem my life worthless so I deem them equally as worthless, maybe more.  I have no use for them because I am the smartest and most pious person on the planet.  I never falter in any plan.  I have no need for you.

Interestingly enough things of this world drag me down.  I repeat the mantra that nothing in this world matters (as a matter of exercise – people do matter).  It does not work as I expect.

God is with me.  Please protect me Lord.

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  1. Lisa April 27, 2015 / 12:31 pm

    Excuse me??

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