Unless You Are A Sinner

John 1:42 – Andrew brought Simon to Jesus.

Alexander Maclaren wrote about Andrew: “This man, before he was four-and-twenty hours a disciple, had made another. Some of you have been disciples for as many years, and have never even tried to make one.” Within 24 hours, Andrew is bringing people to Jesus. I struggle with feelings of failure in making disciples. Why? Partly because of faulty teaching and experience. Being raised in a Baptist church, I understood that making disciples was a one time event where you “save” someone and then forget about them. This of course is not what the Bible teaches as making disciples but what I saw in the church. Sadly, this is still widely prevalent in the church and in my own struggle to make disciples.

So if making disciples is not a one time event where someone gets saved and then forgotten, what is it? Is it quitting your job and having twelve people follow you around on foot for three years? Is it a lifetime of prayer for people? Is it a lifetime of Bible studies with people? Is it living in community with people? Is it being an example to people? Is it something we can turn into a list? The twelve step minus one disciple making plan? Is it simple? Is it complex? Last night someone told me they could not make disciples because they were angry and not following the Lord. Yep, me too plus prideful, lustful, and all the other sins that come with the flesh. Therefore go and make disciples, unless you are a sinner…