To Die Is Gain

I was surprised when I selected that title that it was not already taken.  You see Philippians 1:21 is my life verse.  I have loved that verse for as long as I can remember.  OK while that is not technically true, the point is I knew it was my life verse a long time ago.  I actually probably just made it my life verse when I was younger for reasons that should become obvious soon enough.

For to me, living is Christ and dying is gain.  –Philippians 1:21

Dying!  It seems like most people would see this verse as morbid and so I most likely selected it for this reason.  Now I knew it meant something very different but it was just so…me.  I know that this gain is not something that I will ever fully understand at least until I get home.  What a glorious place that will be.

Recently (within the past four years) the other words jumped out at me – living is Christ.  I had missed or more likely ignored those words for most of my life.  Such beauty in those words.

The verse seems so simple doesn’t it?  Yet the depths of it are beyond me and this brings me to my knees.

I have really enjoyed remembering stories about the book of Philippians.  I wonder what else I can find.