To Be Remembered

I know.  The second day of the month and this is the first time I have started a post.  Sad state of affairs really.

I wanted to write this morning but I had no focus.  Yesterday I did write but it was quite disjointed.  I had heard a short exposition on 1 Peter 1:6-9 and it really had me mesmerized.  So I read it yesterday morning.  I got to verse 10 and again I lost focus.

I wrote about all the beautiful words in the passage.  It was amazing but the words would not make sense for the public.  I did not discard them like I do some words.  I saved them but I know I will never use them in their current format.

One thing I read in the past week or two was an article on being a “man of God”.  I have seen this previously.  The blogosphere cycles around on topics which is good.  So I made a note asking myself if I would be remembered as a man of God.   It is an interesting question.  I suppose one that I could not really know the answer to because my life is young and those are things decided when you are dead.  Well maybe you can know when you are in heaven.

By the grace of God, may it be so.

There have been many good things happen.  I had a custom bobble head made and it arrived this week.  We got to give it to Carol, aka “The Wizard” today.  When she saw it she said “it looks like me”.  It did indeed.  I even had a wizard robe and the Relay For Life symbol on it.  It was so cool.  I think she really liked it.


Let me see.  I have a new prospective client.  This one is pretty large and it would be nice to get this account.  I solved a few Crystal Reports problems this week and last.  That was exciting as I used my mind to think through methods for selecting subsets of data from the full data set.  It was most interesting to me creating the variables to sum based upon the parameters but then I had to use several different variables to check for null values before returning the result.  The report this week I had to use sub-reports because I had to use the full outer join.  I did not want to do this with the full report as the information would be massive.

No, I have not finished that report.  I am probably half way done.  At least I suspect.  I will probably get in there next week and linking to the time clock program will be more tricky than anticipated.  But you know solving problems is fun.

I booked my trip to St. Louis in two weeks.  I have a Relay meeting there.  That will be fun.  I booked my trip to Dallas for November for a different Relay meeting.  I did not make much progress on Relay stuff this week but there was not much to be done.

Told the kids this week we needed to start praying and researching mission trips to go on.  I would love God to send us somewhere like He has in the past.  Just lay it out for me.  We could have made a trip in November but I had already promised to do this training.  They cancelled the October due to lack of participation.  So we look and pray.  Go ahead and pray with us.  We like to go.

Today I had a “bad” support call.  I say that because when I got there they fired the lady working the front desk.  It was all this tension and I do not like that.

Sure there were countless other things that occurred.  But I will end it there.  I shall try to write again tomorrow.  OK, I will write but I will try to write and post tomorrow.