Three Plus Years

It has been three plus years since I have posted.  You know how many things can happen in three years?  You guessed it – a lot!

I took care of a baby for four months at the end of 2018.  She was two days old when I took her in.  Her mother was not in a place to raise her.  This baby is now adopted into a wonderful family with two other adopted children.  Their parents love the Lord.  God did many amazing things during that time.  Even the way He told me to take care of the child was amazing.  I wrote some of the stories down in my journal but they are very recent so I still remember them (mostly).  Maybe this one post will spur me to write more about God’s handiwork in this small story in God’s great story.

God healed me of my depression at the end of 2019.  That is another amazing story that I attempted to document over the past few months.  A life without depression is a completely different life.  The Adversary wants to pull me back into my old ways and he has been close but God has continued to protect me.  This could be another arc I can write about if I am able to blog again.

I have gained new family through Cornerstone church.  That would be a good arc too!  So many God things to write about.

My daughter just graduated high school ranked #3 and got a full ride to Lamar University.

My son is currently ranked #1 in his class and going into his junior year.

I am going to hit publish now and then maybe I can do this again in a day or two.