The Trouble With

The trouble with life is…

I am always searching.  For meaning.  For words.  For joy.  For contentment.  I even think I have found those things from time to time.  They are elusive.

It seems my new business will be on the morning news tomorrow.  The whole thing is a bit terrifying.  Hopefully people show up to destroy some stuff.

There are moments when I have this internal debate.  I want to say “with myself” but who else would the debate be with?  I talk myself in to and out of many things.  From good to evil and back again or maybe evil to good and back again.  The conversation typically occurs quickly.  No need for one person to process and determine a response.  It is real time and I find the speed refreshing.

It is also refreshing that there is no translation needed.  I can use raw language.  It takes so much time to translate for humans.  You know this is true.  Listen to your internal monologue and you will see.  You bypass many impractical words that are needed to help humans comprehend.

The word selection never has to be precise either.  It can be vague because feelings are included automatically.  Expressing many things with words requires precision and some knowledge of how those words are used colloquially.  It would be interesting to hear the dialogue people have in their minds – just nothing too personal.

The trouble with words…

Yes, words are still some of my best friends.