The Tiny Mystery

I had three real books on the end table (or whatever it is called) in my living room.  The books on evolution and creation that I received a little less than a month ago.  The person who gifted the books asked me if I had started them and I had not.  And recently I had been given another book – this made four real books on my end table.

I picked up the three books and judged them by their cover and then selected the largest of the three – Creations Tiny Mystery by Robert V. Gentry.  I’m not too far in and highlighting like I do on my Kindle is impossible so I limit what I make note of in these real books.

The author said he was a theistic evolutionist.  One night someone as asked him a question and he began to search for an answer.  Questioning everything – I like the guy already.  He talked about the big bang and how he had never seen anything come together from an explosion so how did the stars and planets form after the big bang.  Then he quoted from another book.

“If stars did not exist, it would be easy to prove that this is what we expect.” (Aller and McLaughlin, 1965, 577)

That is the one mark in the book so far.  That’s a great line for sure.

I am not too far in the book but I can honestly tell the gifter I have started.  That’s what matters right?  Who needs to actually finish a book as long as you started it.