The Only Source

This morning I was reading Psalms 16-18 and trying to think about prayer.  Thankfully we slowed down to three chapters per day which is still too fast for me but God will use it.

Psalm 16:2 – I say to the LORD, “You are the Lord, my only source of well-being.”

My only source of well-being.  My only source of wisdom and knowledge.  My only source of reconciliation.  My only source of life.  The only one who is always there for me.  The only one who knows all my joy and all my pain.  The only one who understands me completely, perfectly.  The only one who is working things for His glory and my good.  The only one I can trust.  The only one who is faithful.  The only one.

Psalms 18:1 – He said “I love you, LORD.  my source of strength!”

I love you LORD.  My only source of strength.

My only source of comfort.  Thank you LORD for being the only one.

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