The Multiverse

Oh science, how I love thee.

The anthropic answer, in its most general form, is that we could only be discussing the question in the kind of universe that was capable of producing us. Our existence therefore determines that the fundamental constants of physics had to be in their respective Goldilocks zones.

We exist because we exist.  Because we exist, everything must align for existence.  As I read this section of The God Delusion, I knew this point was coming before he made it.  I would have used this point myself, as part of the larger argument he is creating.

Then he went all multiverse on me.  I really nerded out then.

So, Smolin suggests, there has been a Darwinian natural selection of universes in the multiverse, directly favouring the evolution of black hole fecundity and indirectly favouring the production of life.

WOW.  Yes, he says it is just a theory but it is just so cool to think about.  I definitely need to read more science books.  Did I already say that?