The Leap Year

Next year is a leap year.  That means February and March are not the same.  It is always odd when this occurs.  Moving backwards in time from a future point of reference without taking into account the extra day will confuse you!  I really enjoyed those words.  That may be my favorite from this month.

Goodreads has Q&As with authors.  This month they are doing that with Richard Dawkins.  They sent emails to people who read his book asking for questions.  So I submitted mine.  The odds that my question is selected seem small but it would be cool.  I only asked two – why are your ebooks more expensive than paper copies and why does God have to be complex.  I thought they were good questions.  Trivial and not so trivial.

My mind has been processing a lot lately.  A bit overwhelming but clarity will come.  Time to continue on with the day…