The Great Divide

You know what the kids and I did yesterday?  We went to Houston to visit my cousin and then later my sister.  We stopped at the same Kroger twice.  The first time we stopped we purchased three half gallons of Blue Bell.  The store happened to have Cookies and Cream which they ate in the car.  We left those three partially eaten cartons with my cousin and went back to purchase more.  We did buy two more but they were already sold out of Cookies and Cream.  The sadness.  We left those two at my sister’s house.  The best way to spread Blue Bell cheer is to purchase it for every house you visit right?  No, I’m not coming to your house.


Today the kids and I went on an adventure.  We visited four different Kroger stores looking for another Cookies and Cream (it was going to be a gift for a dear friend).  There were none to be found.  We did fill the ice chest with ice and more Blue Bell for our freezer.  We got four more.  That should hold the kids over for a few weeks.

Even I partook of the Blue Bell joy with a small bowl of The Great Divide yesterday at my cousin’s.

Kristen was so happy.