The Great Darkness

We are all blind in our own way.  God prevents us from clearly seeing things until the time is right.  Often times God may give us clear insight into other people’s blindness while not opening our eyes to our own.  No amount or combination of words will open their eyes to see or ears to hear (or our own).  Only God can do this work.

A man struggles with his family life.  He has told me what he needs to do and yet is still blind to what that is.  One day he will begin to lead his family and God will transform him and his children.  It may even transform his wife and yet something stops him from fulfilling his proper role.

A woman covered in darkness.  She too knows what she needs to do and yet the same blindness covers her.  I cannot tell her to take the steps for when I begin to tell her, she lets me know she hasn’t done these things for reasons.  This specific instance appears to be a problem with love of the world.  Trapped in the idea that she must have a certain status and appearance – one of holiness for the world.  My voice falls on deaf ears.

Another man, believing that he is leading his family and yet ruled by them.  Once again blind to what is really happening.

One thing that we can do is pray.  We want to pray many things but we want it to make sure it is the will of God.

I have been particularly interested in the prayers of the Apostle Paul due to the book I’m reading.  In 2 Thessalonians, Paul prays that God make the Thessalonians worthy of His calling.  Paul is asking God to do this work in them.  It has been a powerful reminder to me.  A prayer I pray not only for myself now but for others of the faith as well.  Make us worthy of Your calling, Lord.