The God Delusion

One of the conversations I had this past weekend was with a guy named Matt.  He is an anti-theist (he was very clear about that).  Now Matt also runs a non-profit where he builds houses in Guatemala (and recently in Africa) with old tires.  He talked quite a bit and has been reading books by people like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens.  I had the impression that he was really seeking answers.  His main question seemed to hinge on “the plan” God has.  How is it in God’s plan to allow women and children to be boarded up in a building and burned alive in “my” town in Guatemala?  I am always excited to be involved in these conversations.  As he was heading out he told me to friend him on Facebook so we could continue the discussion.  I tracked him down and he confirmed the request.  It will probably be nothing more than a learning experience but we shall see.  Already picked up my copy of The God Delusion by Dawkins.

Another conversation I had was with Honea. I had actually started to fall into “it” (loneliness/depression) when I got introduced to her. She told me she was glad I was there to which I responded “I don’t believe you.” Of course that made us instant friends. I unloaded quite a bit on her ears. She listened and then shared ideas on overcoming my sadness which included many things I already do. We talked about introversion and behavioral patterns. It was all very interesting to discuss with her. I could tell she understood my pain and as the conversation progressed she shared that her husband had committed suicide a little over two years ago. Another great time of hearing part of someone’s life where strength is forged from pain and suffering.

I guess I’ll share a third conversation.  This one had to do with being used by God through the pain or our faults.  It seems that it is easy to be used by God when I am not struggling with whatever pain is around but how do I do that while in pain?  The person who was with me has problems being overly flirtatious sometimes to the point of lasciviousness and immorality.  How can they do this in the heat of the moment?  It is difficult to contemplate but it was a fun exercise of the mind.