The Gift Of Time

This morning I was extremely thankful for the gift of time.  I think I am usually thankful for time, most of the time maybe but this morning’s thankfulness was a bit sweeter.

Last night I picked up Kristen after work and we talked as we drove home.  We talked as we prepared dinner.  We talked while we ate.  We talked after dinner.  We talked while we walked in the kitchen. It was around three hours of talking.  Very little phone.  No computer.  No TV.  No Blaine (he’s at boy scout camp).  What a joy to have this time with her.

Now I know I talk to Kristen all the time.  Typically during the school year, we sit down and talk for 30 minutes to an hour three or four days a week .  The summer time is a bit different but still we talk a lot.  I thanked God last night for this time.  I thanked Him again this morning.

This week has been rough.  Monday and Tuesday the mask has been up to hide the depression.  No one notices of course.  I hide it well.  I would never want anyone to know how sick I really am.  A good thing has been how God has been with me.  I learn this lesson a lot – reliance on God.  I learn it more often than I care to admit.  And yet here I am still being given this gift of time by Father.  His grace abounds.  Endlessly.

Seriously, His grace abounds.

My lunch appointment cancelled on me yesterday but I continued on and had lunch with someone else entirely.  Another gift of time.  Monday night a gift of time with Bethany.  Sunday a gift with Kristen at DQ for ice cream.  Sunday a gift with Aubree and Abbee.  Time and time again, Father gives me these gifts.  So today I wonder if He will allow me to see the gift He gives me.

Lord, thank you for the bounty of time in my life.