The Forgotten Prayers

This weekend I was standing in a hall with a bunch of fathers waiting for our time to dance with our daughters.  I do not do well in large groups like that so I learned how to block out my surroundings decreasing the stimulation (data input).  So I am standing there ignoring everything around me when this young girl walks by.  Then she stops, turns around, hugs me and walks away.  She never said a word.

I did not recognize her at first. The girls are all wearing similar clothes and similar makeup but it clicks while she is hugging me.  I had been praying for this girl for quite some time last year.  She was having social problems.  I’m not really sure how to describe it but when I heard one of the stories of what she was going through I could do nothing more than pray.

Eventually I stopped praying for her.  I get overwhelmed with requests and my hearts aches for each one.  Too much of that is difficult to handle emotionally.  At some point we have to take them off our list for our own sanity.  Right?  I pray I’m not alone in this regard.

I have no idea why she hugged me.  Maybe I looked like I needed one or maybe she just needed to give one.  I know dance girls hug anyone for any reason so maybe it was just the dance girl “time to hug someone” moment.  It does not matter in the long term, I suppose.  But it did remind me about her and I was able to pray for her that night.  I said “hi” the next night when I saw her again and remembered her in my prayers.

Some people grab your heart very easily.