The Droid App

I developed an app for the Droid once.  I published it December 10, 2013.  It was a minimal amount of learning because I just had to recreate someone else’s code.  I started the afternoon of the 9th and it was working that day in the emulator.

Anyway, I tried a few times to develop something with Blaine but we never thought of anything.  We recently published one that was part of the sample code they give you with Android Studio but we have not thought of anything new to do together since then  Plus it is difficult when you trade weekends and do not have your kids three weekends in a row – that’s just how weekend trading works.

With that much free time, I decided I should just sit around and think.  I brainstormed on new businesses to open.  I actually cleaned up my business mind map and developed two solid ideas.  Since then I have worked on integrating one of those ideas into a department of Jux.  The other idea really could be a good side business but my informal projections indicate that the market segment is to small in the Golden Triangle.

One of the many other things I thought during that weekend was app development.  I started developing a new app just for fun.  I do not know if it will be used but I get to learn something which is going to be good.  The bonus is that it is for someone else and I told them so it gives me motivation to work on it and complete it in a timely fashion.  I found that doing something like this for myself sometimes leads to project abandonment.

Now I should brainstorm on future projects of similar fashion.