The Cure For Life

Is the cure for life, death?

I am sure that could be taken many ways but my meaning may not be how you receive it.  That will be OK.

Yesterday was beautiful.  God gave some sun and nice temperatures.  It was a rough morning but I forced myself to text an encouragement to a man who is dealing with church problems, another with family issues, and a few others who had birthdays or just came to mind.  I did not really want to but I knew I needed to.

Later I listened.  I imagine I must do the same today.

I felt accomplished yesterday.  Not as much as I would prefer but I filed the Form 1023 EZ and scheduled my next step for JOM.

Four year plan with Kristen at school.  Then time with Blaine.  He has much of me in him (good and bad).  I talk to him about both but yesterday I focused on how we have to move past these bad things.  How I want him to be better than me.  It is a conversation I have probably twice a month with him.  I wish I could read him better.  I try to recall myself at that age.  Things exist differently in my mind.  I imagine they do for him too.  This is a very interesting thought pattern (I slept 5 solid hours last night – amazing).  If that is the way he thinks then we have to change.  I am so glad I traveled this pattern just now.  Very helpful.

No CCD for either kid so Kristen came home after dance.  She talked my ear off like most Wednesday.  It is a blessing that I am most thankful for.

This morning I was not given anything from Jeremiah but Psalm 49 had an verse that gave me pause.

But God will ransom my soul from the power of Sheol, for he will receive me.  –Psalm 49:15

I thought that was powerful.  Even though I am a whore, he will ransom me, redeem me.

What will today bring?  I would say no crushing weight or no weight at all but honestly I could not say if there was no weight at all.  I do know it is not crushing right now so I like that.  And maybe it will stay away today.  I “fear” that some specific event will occur causing the weight to bear down on me.  We shall wait and see.

When your joy comes from not being as sad as you are at other times.  When you think sadness is happiness.  Life is a bit different.

Is the cure for life, death?  Of course it is.  We die to self each day.  We serve our Lord and Savior each day by loving those around us no matter our personal circumstance.  Easier said than done, I know.