The Big Four Zero

I do not care much for birthdays.  Yesterday I turned 40.  It was the first birthday in many years that I was not severely depressed.

Friday and Saturday I began to think upon this.  It was the grace of God that prevented the sadness from overtaking me Sunday.  So I begin week eight.  I will always count.

Someone needed “my peace” so they asked me to go to Walmart with them yesterday.  I went earlier this year.  The first time, in at least six years, I have been to that place.  Yesterday makes twice this year.  I do not intend to make it a habit.  It was insane.  I left with a headache.  I made it home, fell on my couch, woke up some time later with my face buried in the couch.  It was just too much to take in.  After that nap, I felt much better.  It is difficult to not take in all the stimulation.  Large crowds can be deadly.

I hesitantly went to HEB yesterday evening.  I was afraid the people would be too much for me but thankfully it was not as busy as I expected.  My parking spot was available – my evening spot.  I normally go around 6am Sunday morning to avoid the people and park on one side but if there are reasons I must go in the afternoon or evening, I park on the other side.  It prevents me from getting lost.  Don’t make fun of me, it is a good system!

So my daughter begins high school today.  My son begins 7th grade.  Today I remember…always remember.