That House

There is a house I drive by regularly on Ave H.  I have probably driven by this house hundreds of times.  Recently, I was told about the things that go on in this house from someone who has been there.  I had never seen the house in darkness or imagined that these types of things transpired in this house.  It actually looked like a typical family home with my blind eyes.  As I drove by this past weekend, I could see the darkness.  It was quite unusual knowing how many times I have driven by it but this time the darkness was visible.

So what did I do as I drove by and saw this darkness?  Nothing!  Absolutely nothing.  It gets worse.  I hate to admit this but later I joked with that person about taking Bibles to the house.  I’m not sure it could get much worse than joking about the eternal destination of human souls made in the image of God.

Genesis 1:27 – God created humankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them, male and female he created them.

The house and people in it came back into my mind the next day and I had to repent. These are real people made in the image of God.  Why is my heart is so corrupt?  Why did I not see them the way God sees them?  I know I could make excuses but that would be to deny my responsibility in the matter.  This is not the first time God has taught me something like this.  It is strange that my mind segregates people into groups.  These people are made in the image of God and this other group of people, well, not so much.  And then I get taught a lesson.

I grew up in a homeless mission.  For years I had little respect for the homeless until God opened my eyes and showed me they were made in His image.  I have attended many rich churches over the years.  I had little respect for church people until God opened my eyes and showed me they too were made in His image.  [I still struggle with the rich and church people.]  I have experienced people who were covered in darkness.  I never really gave them a second look until God opened my eyes and showed me they were made in His image also.

Every time it happens, I think to myself, OK God I know I have to love everyone.  Now you have shown me all those I need to love.  Thank you for helping me.  Then He hits me later with another group of people that I am not seeing through His eyes.  It is not the best feeling in the world but God is teaching me how to love all His people.

The next time I drove by that house, I shared what I knew with the kids and told them we need to make sure we say a prayer for those people in that house.  Lord, help me to love them.

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