Technology Class

I finally decided that without a clear “no” from God I would begin to move forward on one of my projects.

I have had small classes with some boys doing robots, programming, hacking and other technology related things over the years.  A month or two back I came across the Best Buy grant that will give money to non-profits to do things just like this.  I prayed about it but did not have a “yes” or “no”.  I told God I would move forward until I heard otherwise.  It is part of the same “be confident” that God has been teaching me.

So in January I will file the paperwork for another business.  Then I will file the form to make it a 501(c)(3).  Then in June or July I will fill out the grant application.  Then if God wants it to move forward we will get the money we need.  Or God will give us the money a different way.  If He doesn’t then I suppose I tried and He will direct me elsewhere.

From the beginning I was not afraid of God providing the money but I was afraid of not having people to work with the children.  But God reminded me that He can provide people in the same way that He provides money.  So I began praying differently for workers for the harvest.  It has really been good.  I have not completely overcome this problem but I just keep reminding myself of what God reminded me.  It is quite exciting.

Yes, there is another project on my list.  This one has been rolling in my mind for a few weeks as well.  The idea is actually much older.  I would say two years but it has never been my desired project – it belongs to someone else.  Yet the last few weeks I have been developing this for them (with them to some extent).  I have a mind map.  I looked over a few business plans for similar projects.  I started creating a business plan.  I have even written the executive summary.  I have six months planned out.  OK, six months of detail.  I have my ideal plan going out to Summer 2019 but I realize that I lose control after about six months.

I would much rather plan this project a different way.  I would implement much faster than Summer 2019.  My way would require less funding.  I was working through the pattern this way and abandoned it even though there was a lot of thought put into it.  I still have all the ideas saved in my head so it is not lost if we need to switch.  Hmmm, I realized that the ideas are still on the mind map too – at least the broad ideas.  That’s good.

There are many things to pray for in life.  Many people.  Pray with confidence!  God’s message to me and you too.

No, there are more things to share but I am running out of time to write them and again running out of room on this post.  I’ll try more tomorrow.