Suffering Terribly

Yesterday was Psalm 118:18.  Today was Psalm 119:107.

I am suffering terribly. O LORD, revive me with your word!

Oh that I could share such things without fear of someone thinking I was despondent to the point of death.  The mere mention of such things changes people.  So you keep it to yourself which is probably equally bad.  The LORD severely punished me but he did not hand me over to death.  And I cannot say I wish he would have.  I do not belong here.  I never have yet God has plans for me.  Plans I do not know.  Plans I cannot see.

I know the pain is important.  Yesterday the words He spoke to me were like no others.  He had not spoken to me like this in many months.

Who knows what has been accomplished for His glory.  Who knows what will be accomplished for His glory?  Revive me with your word…