Star Wars Time

So the kids and I went to see the new Star Wars today.  It was great.  The time with the kids was even better.  Later we went to Mass and then Christmas in the Park.  Then the dread of life hits me.

I try to fight it off.  I have so much to be joyful about but it is an intense battle.

There are many issues at work.  I cannot write as much as I want.  I cannot read much of anything.  The holidays are brutal in their relentlessness to destroy those that are alone.  People.  Prayer seems different.

You know I gave someone a gift today.  It referenced Romans 5:8.  Then the preacher at Christmas in the Park quoted that verse.  I had that verse arise many times after it was selected.  It just confirmed it was the proper selection.

Crazy thing is, that it could go away at any moment or it could linger for days and weeks.  I suspect it will be moments or hours.  Yet I also think it will hit even harder in the days to come.

See I can’t even write this…