Sprinkle and Dunk

It is quite a thing to agree with so much an atheist says.

Fourth, to pursue the same theme, is the assumption that a six-year-old child can properly be said to have a religion at all, whether it is Jewish or Christian or anything else. To put it another way, the idea that baptizing an unknowing, uncomprehending child can change him from one religion to another at a stroke seems absurd—but it is surely not more absurd than labelling a tiny child as belonging to any particular religion in the first place.  –The God Delusion

So many religious people want to save their children so they perform whatever action they think will do this.  From the countless baby baptisms to the baptism of children too young to comprehend God at all, we show ourselves to be foolish beyond belief.

I have seen dozens of “saved” children with no understanding of grace at all but more importantly their hearts are unchanged.  I think about these children (and others like them) and I fear greatly for their souls because they have been told they are safe.  Johnny and Suzy are most likely not saved.  Their hearts of stone have not been changed into flesh by God.  And parents allow this to happen, deluding themselves into believing their child or children are “saved”.  Foolish.  Desperate.

Sprinkle and dunk them however you like (and however often you like – try daily!) but until God does the work in their lives keep praying for the salvation of your children.

As a side note, I once had someone tell me we should recite the sinners prayer in a room of adults in hopes that it would “stick” and they would be saved.  Where does this insanity come from?  Put some holy water in some balloons and throw them at strangers – maybe they will be saved too.