Spiritual Prostitution

The Lord spoke…

Hosea 1:2 – When the LORD first spoke through Hosea, he said to him, “Go marry a prostitute who will bear illegitimate children conceived through prostitution, because the nation continually commits spiritual prostitution by turning away from the LORD.”

What would it be like to get this instruction from the Lord?  As far as we can tell there is no argument from Hosea.  He just goes and marries Gomer.  I try to imagine what it would be like to get this instruction.  Would I follow through?  Would I do it willingly?  I look at my life and sometimes I have problems doing the small things God asks me to do.

I guess that brings up another question.  Are there really big and small things that God asks us to do?  Does God just ask us to be obedient to His Word?

Then I have to ask how I have committed spiritual prostitution and turned away from the Lord.  It is difficult to constantly evaluate my motives.  Why did I do this or say that?  Was it for me or for God’s glory?  One thing I seek to do is glorify God with my life.  Even with the grace and gifts I know He has given me, this is not an easy task.  Yet I still strive towards the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

That might be enough for the first night of study.

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