Spiritual Darkness

Last week I was down at Prince Hall in Port Arthur.  When I arrived I was looking for Jobori but was not sure where he lived.  So I asked a few people.  No one knew but that is typical when an outsider comes in.  I call to see what I can find out but don’t have much luck (his mom’s phone was broken).  I ask this man and he tells me he doesn’t know.  Later I realize that he had just put his hand across his neck like he was going to cut someone’s throat.  I assume based on the way he was laughing with someone across the way that it was probably mine.  I hope this is just an assumption.

I found Jobori and his mom, Latisha (or Tisha).  At first his mom wasn’t going to let me pick him up.  I had actually left the complex when another little girl chased me down and asked me to come back.  So I went back, got him, and we drove to my office.  During the drive there we had a great conversation.  Once we arrived, we began working on his school project.  He wants to build a robot and well I love building robots.  We accomplished quite a bit then I took him home.  The drive home was also great conversation.

When I left the complex, I could feel the spiritual darkness in a way I have never felt before.  I was quite surprised because I have been in that area at night before but never felt this.  It seemed to followed me all the way home.  It made me think about the kids living there.  They probably do not even know the darkness they are living in because they have never known anything else.  I sent a text to three people about the spiritual darkness.  My pastor replied to my text with “That’s why we must shine!”.  My office manager said “Well light them up”.  How?

The same way we bring light to everyone we want to bring to Christ I suppose, with love.  We love them as they are and for who they are – an image bearer of God.  Love them the way God loves them, the way God loves you and me.  Love them up close and personal.  That does not sound easy at all and this last part sounds particularly difficult for me personally.  I’m not comfortable going to the homes of people I barely know and honestly the homes of people I do know are sometimes difficult to go in.  Is just being their enough?  Is His light in me strong enough to shine His love?  If I want to bring people to Jesus my comfort is not important and I have to let His light shine through me.  I do not know a better way to love people and bring them to Jesus.