Spinning Ideas

There are always new ideas spinning in my mind.  I often have trouble stopping the mind.  I have been looking at the long term ideas on my mind map recently.  I am not sure why they are all still long term ideas.  This means that we must begin taking steps to move forward with them.

I sat down with one of the ideas (that isn’t really mine but one I want to assist with) and developed a small mind map.  I did not share it with the person to whom the idea really belongs but I will soon enough.

Then I took one of my own pet projects and began to develop that map.  I have a time table, names, expenses, ideas, and quite a bit more.  I am excited about this.  Even more excited about taking steps on some projects.

I am not in front of my mind map right now but I believe there is one more that I am going to begin to develop.  Hmmm, I do not know.  I think there is supposed to be another one I develop.  We shall see later this week.  I’ll have to make a note.

Are any of these projects God’s will?  I do not know.  But I decided that projects require money and people.  If God provides the money and people then it may very well be His will.  If not then I can move on to the next idea.

Yes.  Yes.  Quite exciting.  I need to go to sleep now but it is too early.  :/