Spectators Watch

Spectators watch.  So what does that mean if you are watching the attacks on your very soul?  I think a week or two back I watched a string of events occur in my life that would have typically lead me down a path of depression and loneliness.  This time however, God prevented me from falling.

When this happens I begin to wonder how long it will last.  How long will God protect me?  Events then build on top of other events until the great crash.  So how many “one more” events can you take?  Of course this is the wrong question.  The real question is how many of these events are you going to give to God?

And we watch.  Today I just watched myself allow it to happen.  I begin to wonder if I am even there, in my mind.  Of course we can reflect on that time and realize that something else has taken over.  And then when we regain control, we can only throw ourselves before the feet of our Savior knowing we are already forgiven.

Being a spectator for your own life is a unique experience.  I highly recommend it.

Speaking of spectators, this weekend is recital.  The dad and daughter dance is always a favorite.  Most of the dads have boring dull bland colors for their Hawaiian shirts.  I did not think those were a real thing.  Maybe they are tropical but even then I think tropical is bold.  I should have more pictures at some point in the future but this was one sent to me last night.  That beautiful young lady I’m dancing with is of course my daughter, Kristen.

Dad and Daughter 2015