Something Deep Within

As I read over the rest of my journal entries in 2013 I realized how true this statement was from “4 Seasons of Marriage”

Something deep within a man cries out for companionship with a woman, and the woman has a similar desire for intimacy with a man.

Something deep within…

I talked to God quite a bit about a wife.  One that loves God in truth and deed.  There were many interesting conversations – most of which I had forgotten about.  That’s why we write things down.  Where did we come from?  Where are we going?  Have we made any progress?

Always changing.  Each day.

I was very negative about the whole thing.  Part of the process of learning and growing.  I am curious when the negative attitude changed.  I’m guessing the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015.  I think that’s about the time I gave up.  It might have been sooner.

Watching a video.  I think it is a Christian concert.  It seems they try to create euphoria.  I have experienced several worship services that have the loud music and lights.  Everything is well positioned and played to manipulate an emotional response.  It really seems to be the ultimate goal of most worship services.  How can I create an emotional response in people so that they give me money, ummm, I mean feel good about themselves and then give me money.

Yes, I imagine I need to give up that negative thought too.