Social Engagement

I was recently preparing for a social engagement.  My sister and I were talking about it.  The following is part of the conversation.  I’m not sure why she keeps me around.

ME: My energy reserves are not high enough honestly. I thought I would be at 85% by now. But it seems like there will be time between events to recharge.

Sister: Just steer clear of saying things like that in front of people you barely know and I think you’ll do just fine. 🙂

ME: Don’t worry – I manage to interact with the humans without them being the wiser. Yes, I will avoid saying things like that too. I have my topics selected – kids, business, church – simple things.

Sister: And football. This is Texas, after all. LOL.

ME: Man, I didn’t read about football. I think I can fake it. I saw on FB that the Cowboys beat the Saints. I can’t fake college football but I can play that off.