So They Ran Away

All the monkeys said.

Where is home.

But no one told them.

So they ran away.

I know it would have been better if I had continued the story a little longer but I did not want to.

I mentioned I was reading “4 Seasons of Marriage”.  I have a few highlights but this one I wanted to share today.

Yet, despite all the talk about love, the reality is that thousands of children go to bed every night feeling unloved by their parents, and thousands of husbands and wives go to bed feeling unloved by their spouse. Our culture is largely ignorant of the true nature of love and its effect on human relationships.

Amen!  He probably could have said “our culture is largely ignorant” but I realize the book is about love.  I know a lot more about love now than I did when I was married and I still feel ignorant about the topic.

The book had at least two references to Romans 5:8.  Grace.  What a gift of love.