So Many Books

I want to say there is not enough time to read the books I want to read.  And this statement may actually be true but I am normally the first to say there is always enough time.  I have been reading about the early church fathers – Clement of Rome, Ignatius of Antioch, and Polycarp just to name a few.

I had not heard of Clement prior to this study.  I had seen the other two names but did not know much about them.  And I don’t know much more now except they are considered the three chief Apostolic Fathers.  I am still reading the letter Clement wrote to the Corinthians.  Several times I have picked it up, read a section and realized I did not read it.  My mind is not able to process everything I am trying to take in.

There are eight new documents on my Kindle from yesterday.  I think two are shorter but the others are extremely long.  I might go insane.  Only 41% done with the Catechism, 26% done with The Institutes, and I don’t even want to look at all the books I have started.  But how else can we find the answers we must have?

I received three books in the mail yesterday as well.  These three on creation.  I studied creation and evolution in college.  I read quite a bit of Darwin’s book – Origin of a Species – during that time.  I became extremely bored and my time was up so I didn’t renew it at the library.  Creation is an amazing study.  Two of my favorite theories are an increased atmospheric pressure and the color of the sky (a specific shade of pink) but there are many others.

As I sat down yesterday at the office for a few minutes, I opened up the book from the study I’m doing with some Church of Christ men.  I closed it in less than a minute because I did not feel like that was what I needed to work on.  You see, after I left the study that night I went home and read.  Then I woke up at 1:49am – ok I woke up prior to that but that was when I surrendered, looked at the clock, and began praying.  I have three questions in the book thus far all of which were formulated or began to formulate during this prayer.

The first has to do with his note on Noah and a statement he made about God accepting Noah because Noah did what he was told.  I believe Genesis 6 shows us a different order of events.  The second question has to do with being chosen and if our mere selection is an act of grace.  The third question has to do with authority.  I should be prepared to ask more questions but I have some time before our next meeting.  I had to cancel this week due to Kara going on vacation blessing me with my kids every day.

I was also introduced to a man yesterday that I had only talked to via text or Facebook.  Our daughters are friends and he took them all to the movies.  God willing we will be able to encourage each other in our faith.  One of our mutual friends was excited to hear this news.  She had been trying to get us together for months.

So instead of reading, I sat down to write.  That’s logic for you.