Skunk Smell

I like the smell of skunk.  That is one of the smallest problems I have.  I have never looked but there is probably a support group for people who like the smell of skunk.

I wonder if people like and dislike things based upon society.  People dislike skunk because society says they are bad.  Even the opposite may be true, I like skunk because society says they are bad and I do not want to align with societal norms.  The fact that I like skunk might have happened too young for it to be a conscious decision to reject societal norms.  It was probably not too young to just be different than everyone in my family.

I have tried to recall if I made this decision just to be different and then created a reality around this or if I really do like the smell.  I cannot decide.  I’ll say it was around the age of eight that I liked the smell because that is the age that I claim so much happened to me.  If you have an old soul, do you get to claim you are an adult at an earlier age?  Or did I ever really grow up.

You know three of the last four posts (including this one) have been extremely strange even for me.  I guess it is recalling old memories.  Next, should I share the story of the dead lamb, santa drives granddad’s car, the time I scared my sister with a bird, or maybe the scorpion in my shoe.  I could share the times I almost died.  Yes, I think those are probably the best stories to tell.