Six Days A Week

Question – Why is going to church so difficult?

​​​​Worship seems easy six days a week. Monday it is easy to follow Jesus. It is easy to talk about Him, talk to Him, worship Him, read His Word. It is easy to love Him with my whole heart, mind, soul, and being. Six days I just enjoy my LORD and Savior in so many ways. Then on Sunday, the last day of the week, I just try not to be dead inside as I dread going to that building called church. I can remember times in high school wondering what all these people were really doing Sunday morning. During college I just stayed away. I got married and we pretended to be spiritual at a Lutheran church. Years later we pretended again at a Baptist church. Pretending is a lot of work. I’m sure this is all related to the other answers I have been looking for. What is worship? What is church? Who has authority? The whole system seems setup to destroy the very thing it is supposed to magnify.

I know that I am the actual problem.  That building called church is not the problem yet I do not know how to overcome this.  I ask God to give me a heart that will worship in spirit and truth at the building on Sunday morning and it rarely comes.  I have been in 1 Peter for a few days.  There are many good words in chapter one so if you want to read it and share what good words God gives you that would be kind of cool.