Simultaneously Overwhelmed

I find emotions very interesting to study.  And really most difficult to study.  It is not easy to have a mind that can maintain composure through intense emotions.

One thing that I think about it how two competing emotions can have you at the same time.  These seems to be the most difficult times to handle.

Let us say joy and depression would be competing.  Your mind would be confused.  Unable to process the information around you.  I am sure most have experienced times such as these.

I felt like I should write words here.  My journal is full of words.  I keep filling the pages.  And then more pages.  Yet the pages here have remained empty for a few weeks.  Christmas has come and gone.  Even the new year has passed me by with no words to really share.

I have thought much about seasons in life as well.  I am entering a new season even as I write this.  I am not even sure what the season is.  We could select winter since that is the time we are in now and the title of the season matters very little.

I was quite happy with some things God has been teaching me this year about prayer.  We hold on to whatever we can.